Frameless stator-rotor installation kits

  • Frameless motors for highest design flexibility
  • Excellent performance and efficiency
  • High torque
Frameless motor kits

Servo Drives

  • Complete robotic joint control unit
  • High power density
  • CAN 2.0 and EtherCAT interfaces
Servo drives

About KUBO Technologies

  • Design and production in St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Lifetime product support
  • Customer support and consulting
About us

KUBO Technologies

KUBO Technologies designs and manufactures permanent magnet stator-rotor installation kits and servo drives for robotics and mechatronics.

Product application areas

  • Robotic joints
  • Positioning systems
  • Mobile platforms
  • Subsea thrusters
  • Linear aсtuators
  • Medical and surgery manipulators
  • Space systems


Frameless Motor Kits

Series of frameless stator-rotor installation kits for robotics and mechatronics

Frameless Motor Kits

Servo Drives

Versatile digital servo drives with EtherCAT and CAN interfaces

Servo Drives